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This week's interview is with Cocoa/Puss!

I met Cocoa/Puss on etsy. We exchanged zines and I fell in love with her honest [and sometimes funny] approach to sex. The stories in her zine were not unlike the ones that I write about in my own 'Kiss & Tell' and I could tell she was a kindred spirit. She moved to Minneapolis soon before I moved to New York but we weren't able to meet up. Here is our interview :

1. Name, Location, Age.
Cocoa/Puss, Twin Cities, 28
2. What are you listening to at this moment?
Lady Gaga, Bloc Party, Calvin Harris, The Dead Weather, Florence and
the Machine, The Gossip, Santigold, Minnie Driver, The Ting Tings, The
Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I just bought my first i-pod ever so I listen to
everything all the time. Music makes me happy. It makes Minnesota way
more interesting.
3. What are some of your favorite zines?
Shotgun Seamstress, Licking Stars off Ceilings, Watch Him Bleed,
Fallopian Fallafel, Culture Slut. Pretty much anything a woman writes
I love. There is not one single grrrl zine I hate.
4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I would love to be a stronger, less fearful activist for grrrls and
women everywhere. I am actually very cautious but as my son gets older
and needs me less, I'd like to do more work. I'd also like to be a
better cook. My dream job however, is a backup dancer for Lady Gaga or
Shakira. That would be fuckin awesome.
5. Any practical tips for people who are interested in making zines?
Don't compare your zine to other people's zines. Everyone has their
own style. If you like something about their's ask them how they did
it. Like with my sister Clementine Cannibal, I told her how I liked
how her paper was black and her type was white, and she told me how to
do it. It was so easy. Trade. Be friends with people. Don't take
criticism too seriously. Just do it. The one thing I would say as an
official grown up is think about if you want your regular email
address, home address, and real name affiliated with your zine. I
didn't think about that at first and now I feel like I have no privacy
anymore. That kinda sucks but my thinking was I wanted to get credit
for my shit and I did.
6. Do you read any magazines? If so which?
I mostly read fashion, clothes, makeup type magazines. Then I think
I'm fat and ugly and need longer hair. I should probably quit reading
them but I am obsessed.
7. What is the neatest thing that has happened to you from making zines?
I have a whole lot of grrrl friends all over the world. Australia,
Portugal, Canada, Israel, Germany, England, everywhere. It's nice when
people recognize my work and to go to indie bookstores and see my
stuff in there. I feel kinda famous.
8. Have you ever been interested in publishing something sold at
mainstream chains?
Yes. I would love to write books and be mainstream-popular. I love
inspiring people. I don't think people in this country read nearly
enough so if I can write something that will make them want to read,
then that's hella awesome.
9. Favorite format to make zines, hand-written / type-writer or
I like to type mine out on my computer. I wish I had a typewriter.
10. Give some random advice to my readers about anything.
Always wear a condom. Makeup is fun, wear it if you like. Having a
baby is fucking awesome. Travel more. Learn how to write grants. Never
stop dancing. Talk in class. Ask questions. Call your mama, tell her
you love her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cocoa/Puss Zine #1
[This was the zine I traded her for. It was a great inside view on her personal life and had me saying multiple times.. at least I am not alone!]

Cocoa/Puss Zine #2
[I don't have this issue but I need it! *trades!* so I will have to get back to you guys on this issue, but if the first issue is a taste of what I can expect I can imagine it will be a fabulous read]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You can get the two above zines by contacting Cocoa/Puss at lamesha4@gmail.com . Be sure to check out Cocoa/Puss's collaborative blog and intense tumblr as well for more of her honest perspectives on life.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanks to Cocoa/Puss for letting me interview you for 'On the Zine Scene',keep on being as honest and passionate about writing and I will be sure to support you!

Check out other interviews here. And if you are interested in being interviewed for this feature please feel free to email me at jemnifur@gmail.com I love to support my fellow zinesters!


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