Hello to my new visitors who followed me from my February sponsorship over on www.fancybiscuit.com!

You can check out my 'about me' page for a quick-run down on what I am all about over here @ Jemibook.com. Otherwise I have a daily feature that I do every day [except saturday]. From all of my favorite hobbies and interests.

Monday is : Make Music Monday : where I challenge myself to make one new song each week and post it on Monday's, sometimes I do cover songs, and I like to make a little week's worth of a playlist that has some sort of theme that is relating to something in my life.

Tuesday is : Neat Nails : This came about from my obsession with nail design. I try to get models from all over New York to come to my house and let me paint pretty designs on their nails that are designed to be simple for every girl at home to do.

Wednesday is : Pretty Things : I collect lots of different images/quotes/animated gif's that make me happy from my tumblr and wrap them up in a pretty bow to give to you every week.

Thursday is : Etsy Favorites : I have been selling my zines on Etsy for 3 years now and love the idea of buying and selling handmade. With this feature I go through my stock-pile of Favorites and introduce products that delight me and also ones that I think should be featured so everyone can have them.

Friday is : On The Zine Scene : My newest feature, where I interview zinesters whom I have admired or love after reading their zines or sharing zine-experiences with them.

Sunday is : My Week in Video : Each week I record different events and things going on in my life and compile them together with a favorite song of mine for the soundtrack of the week. I also give a run-down what has gone down throughout the week from movies I have been digging to music that I just have had on repeat.

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Currently I do not offer sponsorships but have considered the barter sponsorship that I participated in with FancyBiscuit.com . So I was curious if anyone reading my blog who has their own would be interested in a barter sponsorship as well? Email me at jemnifur@gmail.com if it sounds like something you would be interested in. I am always up for helping out fellow bloggers!


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