Fake JemiJams

I am so lamed out by my computer right now.
I made a video for today but it hasn't been able to upload it from the camera.
I'm hoping that someone will let me borrow their computer so I can upload the video, or maybe make a new one with their pretty isight? I didn't want to leave you guys hanging, so here's a video from many moons ago:

This is from 2006, and I just watched it for the first time in at least a year, and that shit made me crack up.. that was when I very first started listening to the Beatles, unlike most people I didn't grow up with the Beatles, so I had to discover them on my own, @ the time 'Hey Jude' was my fav song, even though I didn't know all the lyrics, but now 'Eleanor Rigby' is my fav song. I miss my orange hair, and that hideous sweater thing, it saved my life a lot when I lived through chicago winter's and I think it would love on me even more here in the twin cities. oooh memories !


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