Make Music Monday.

Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon wherever you are in the world right now checking out this blog posting.

It's time for Make Music Monday, this weeks song, came to me pretty quickly, although I had been deciding on what chords I wanted to use for the good part of the week, I decided to save those for another time and go with another set that I came up with. Here's the song :

This week is moving week for Jemibook and my friend's we are moving into a four bedroom house so we'll all have a room of our own, and it's a few streets away from where we are living now so that's good for my commute to work.

Work on the latest zine issue is slow and tedious. I've finished 31 of these so far and I think I might have at least 20 more to go before I'm finished with just this part of the zine. This zine is going to be VERY time-consuming to put together because I want it to be a specific way so that it is hand-held and you can take it with you in your purse for inspiration and such. I'm hoping that it will be well-received when it's finished!

Not too much news this week, because the moving bit is going to take up most of the week, so until next time!!!

Much Love,


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