Make Music Monday.

I've been anticipating today since early last week!!!!!

I came up with this song very quickly and I asked my room-mate Javier if he would help me add some more to it. So we recorded some vocal tracks and then he put his magic into it, I went to run some errands and I came back two hours later and he had made my song into a masterpiece!

Just take a listen, also put your head-phones on unless you have a really good speaker system, because there is a cute part that I whisper in it that is worth hearing :

I cheated and let all my other room-mates listen to it before today, and they were happy with the results as well. He did such an awesome job and totally captured my Jemibook-vibe!

As for what the song is about..well this song was inspired by a conversation I had with someone new that I met who had such a different way of thinking about love than I had ever heard anyone talk about it before.

Also I was thinking about it while waking up this morning, and do you think that I should write about what I was thinking when I wrote the song, or what it's about and such, because I know that when people don't have any idea about what the song is really about, it's more open to interpretation and people can take it for their own song/meaning. And if I say what it's about then are you still able to do this? I want people to connect with my songs.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks song, and next weeks song is already in the works, I'm hoping to continue collaborating with Javier and possibly create an entire album with him which would be spectacular, what do you guys think?

Much Love,


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