The 15 !!!!!

It's here it's here! The day has finally come, 'The 15' is for sale on my etsy store!

For $2 you get all this:

""The 15" is a collection of 15 different opinions/stories on 15 different topics all compiled one day while Jemibook sat on a bar stool at a bar drinking a few beers and pondering thoughts about subjects.

The subjects range from, cigarettes, to birthday's, boobs, to the boob-tube, science fair projects, and gender.

It's 15 pages with a red card stock cover and a glittery 15 title!

Don't delay get your hands on the newest Jemibook zine!

I accept trades, so don't be afraid to ask!

These awesome pictures were taken by my amazing room-mate Hannah! She got my style so well, very light and bright and happy, I was very excited to work with her, and my other room-mate Bryant [] edited the pictures to get them web-ready and even more brilliant!

Thanks soo much to both of you guys.

- - - - - -

I also have the latest issue of Lolita that I made as well, but I want to re-do how I put it together before I sell it on the internet, the version I have is not up to my quality, I just wanted something new to sell @ the zinefest, so if you buy an issue of the 'The 15' I will slip one of the zinefest copies of Lolita Issue 4 in there for free for the awesome readers of my blog, just send me a note on the transaction that you read my blog when you buy 'The 15'.

I am really proud of this zine, and it sold VERY well at the zinefest, I think people were attracted to the cover, but the content is fun inside as well, and it was easy for me to sell it in that way!

Alright - tis all for now, have a wonderful day dollies and manly-guy-doll-name..g.i.joes?



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