Video Day?

Hmm.. if I continue with this, I should come up with some name for it...I'll have to think of what to call it, unless you guys have some suggestions?

Either way this weeks video, was completely inspired by this email that I received :

"Hi there!

So, in a very happy accident of fate I came across your myspace music site, and I love, love, love your songs - I've been singing "Looking For" to myself for days now and I was wondering if you perhaps sold CD's, because it would pretty much make my entire summer if I could have your songs on my ipod to cheer me through the day and to paint to. . . . . . . . .

I very seldom receive messages from complete strangers telling me that they have found my music and love it, and for them to actually sing my song makes me so happy that I think I may have squealed a little bit!

So I made this video for you Ms. Hannah in the UK!

Some notes about this song, it was written geez at least over a year ago if not more.. I wrote it while I was dating Shawn, because he always reminded me of this guy who was always trying to be so gentlemanly, also the part about the 'jet' was from this on-going joke that my perfect man would own a jet, and going to the Philippines was from jack, he once told me about a specific scene he witnessed there that has always intrigued me, and I just usually get hard-on's for dark-haired boys, and beards/mustaches are also a weakness of mine, also I've had every single guy I've dated try and grow facial hair for me at one point during our relationship, which I think is kind of romantic, especially because all but one couldn't grow beards.


p.s. I woke up early just to post this before work today, you guys are so spoiled!


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