Make Music Monday.

This weeks song is kind of cheating, but not really because I did write the lyrics!

I wrote it for my two room-mates birthday-party this past saturday. Sadly I was far too gone by the time it was performance time to play it properly, but it did make for a really hilariously embarrassing video, that as crappy as my performance was, was well filmed by Christopher Beer.

If you can't guess what the music I played it from is, then you and I need to have a dance party together, because that is just wrong in the jemibook world!

- - - - -

Weird thing, as I was re-recording this, Claw Like Things was rehearsing upstairs so that is the loud noises in the background, and I also was super inspired to write next weeks song. I love it when it just comes to me so fluidly and naturally. I'm uber happy about it's outcome thus far, it's very much in the vain of some of my older songs.

Also I've kind of decided that I might start posting a video every tuesday now as well, since I'm already in the groove with it, and tomorrow's will be fun, and is dedicated to someone who sent me a special message that made my entire month a whole lot better.

Love you,


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