Things that should be mine.

While searching on etsy today for an item for a pending video shoot with Benjamin I found a whole bunch of things that need to be included in my wardrobe.

High Waisted Skirt w/ Pockets

An Uber Cute Romper, I really want a romper!!

Kind of addicted to Bustle's now!

I mean just check out how extravagant they are, perfect for my style.

I want this skirt in all the primary colors it comes in, pretty please!

This Neck corset is divine.

Another bustle to fancy up one's wardrobe

A lovely interpretation of the skirt that Carrie wears in sex in the city!

Yes I will take this jumper in marriage!

Normally I don't go for too much animal print, but this has just the right amount of sassy to it!

Love it! Check out her cute specs also!

What are you swooning over lately?



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