Jemibook Love.. . .

So today was catch-up day.
To all of the people who have bought The 15, or any of the issues of Lolita lately, and the one Jemibook cd I'm sending out. I wrapped them all today. I will be sending them all out on Tuesday. This round of postal send-outs was 99% International, Lolita Love in The UK and Scotland, as well as some local trades, for zines, and art!

Don't forget that if you are interested in Lolita we can always trade for any kind of art you make personally. I love hand-made things!!

Also I've been getting some email love, and I thought I would share some with you guys because it makes me intensely happy to receive these comments and inspires me right back to get to work and continue what I'm doing! :

"hello jem i hope you don't mind what im's the history first i found you in flickr then i found out that you have facebook account so i did'nt hesitate to invite you... im reading your blog too and im big fan of your stuff especially your inspired in your zine in fact im trying to make a one but im having a bad time to start i really don't know how and what topic should i here in the philippines so i can't have your zine even though i want too...jem thanks a lot you inspired me=]
" - From Ariann in the Philippines

"Hi Jemi,
just a quick email to say that I came across your Flickr photostream by accident - I LOVE your style (and so would my Girlfriend - she has similar tastes to you!!), and love all the creative work you do. Your blog is a good read too, I don't know how you have time to keep up with everything (style, crafts, music, photography etcetcetc!).

Some of what I have seen, along with some of your blog links have been quite an inspiration to me - pretty much all the work I do is corporate whore stuff (but pays the bills!) but I can't complain - I do love my job.

Well, keep up the good work and hope everything works out for you. If you ever consider a creative collaboration - give me a shout, I'd love to get involved (I'm a bit of a Photoshop Ninja and you have some beautiful photography and a very cool creative direction, very 'Fashion Forward' as my girlfriend would say!)

Kind regards,
" - From Jonny of :

I also got a lovely request from a trade from these fine people, can't wait to receive my trades :

Charming Mittens
Shots Magazine
Dick Daniels

Other news in store, but I have to wait till it gets published before I blast about it on here, this weeks Make Music Monday was a lot of work put into it and an intensely successful collaboration by myself and Javier, I can't wait to see what you guys think about it, and also to see what next week will bring us musically!

I am very pumped lately, it feels soo good to be pumping so much out creatively and to be getting back the response I have been getting back lately, you guys mean the world to me!

Much Love,


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