It's Official!

The new Regina Spektor album 'Far' is great!!!
I downloaded it yesterday after someone lovely reminded me that it had just come out!
Here is my favorite song so far [hahah] that was not supposed to be a joke but ohhh well:

It's called 'Machine'. It kind of feels a bit Bjork-ish to me which adds more to it for me.

She's playing @ the Myth on Sept 11th!! Crap. I wonder if I can convince someone to go with me?! Tickets for $30. Anyone interested?

When I first heard Regina Spektor it was from a college radio station while I was driving to college in the morning and they played 'On the Radio', after that moment I was hooked I went home and downloaded everything possible via the internet, then my best friend bought me her cd Soviet Kitsch and I listened to it constantly, still do. I haven't met too many people in real life that like her, but when I do we super bond! I love the interesting way she wraps her voice around words, instead of singing things all beautifully she pulls up and down, pauses, blows bubbles, and whispers I believe we're kindred musical spirits. Both with a lovely flare for the dramatics of music.



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