Summer Movies I want to see.

Away we go
I think the story line is cute, especially the bit in the trailer where she staples the itinerary to his jacket...but I'm also a sucker for anything with Maggie Gyllenhaal in it, so I have to see it, if only for that reason.

Sherlock Holmes
Thank you Guy Richie for casting my favorite Robert Downey Jr. as the lead in this film... also thank you for getting Rachel McAdams in some sexy boudoir attire.

How to Be
I'm on the fence about this one...maybe I'll see it, but not in theaters because I don't think it's gonna happen here.

Even with vincent Gallo as the main lead.. this story looks very interesting. I'm curious to see how the black and white works out in this feature film.

Public Enemies
Of course I want to see this...just please don't let Christian Bale mess this movie up for me!!!

Taking Woodstock
This looks like a fun movie to see and then make your own woodstock with your friend's with kiddy pools and acoustic guitars in the backyard.

Little Ashes
I'm interested in seeing a ghay Dali, why not..

Julie & Julia
This just looks cute.

yes, please.

The Boat that Rocked
Not the best trailer for it, but I want to see this.

Paper Heart
Micheal Cera is so cute, I would totally date him in real life.

Food Inc.
Obviously I'm a huge food information junkie.. I want to know more more more!

- - - -

What movies are you guys looking forward to seeing this summer?


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