I just posted this somewhere else, and thought it might be a nice thing for people who are new to my blog to read, or maybe send to other people who might be interested in some of my music!

I make some music, here is my mini bio:

"Jemibook is a one-woman project fronted by Jem, recorded by a Mr. Ibook G4 and played musically by a Ukulele. These three together form Jemibook. Jemibook’s songs often revolve around love, growing-up, and randomosity."

I make everything myself, make my own songs, play my own songs, record my own songs, burn the cd's, I hand-painted all of the cd covers for the two album's I made, last year I did a feature where I made a new song every monday and posted it on my blog [].

Here are some flyers I made for a free show I did in the park

@ the free show I introduced my fans to Jemivision, which I also hand made [Rainbow 3d Glasses]

My first album covers, I drew a different cover for each one and used some pictures from my life, I thought it was fitting.

For my second show I made rainbow colored moustaches for everyone to wear during the performance:

::that's mee!::

Here was my table @ the show to sell some of my second album, you can also see the bizznass cards that I made on the bottom there.

and lastly, here is a still from a music video in process for my song "little asian girl part 1"

It was pretty fun, but those kids were following us around the whole time, so in the end we just gave into them and told them to join in for a photograph.

You can listen to my first album @ [ ] or myspace [ ]
and I have some videos of some of my songs made on my youtube account as well as some covers [ ]


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