You like my food...

It's so nice to eat good yummy food with quality ingredients.
It's also fun to be able to make these yourself @ home for yourself and another sweet individual.

I've always enjoyed cooking/baking all sorts of cuisines, I try to half-ass take some pictures of the food I make, but I've hit the mother-load! Now my food can finally be appreciated in all it's beautiful photographic glory on the internet. Thanks to Mr. Sweet and his fine photography skills the internet can behold what I've been bestowing my eyes on for all these years. Yummy food that I make!

Here are some things we've been enjoying eating, that I've made [with some chopping help from Mr. Sweet].

Vegan Russian Tea Cookies [Recipe from here]

Spinach Pie [Recipe from here]

Thai Style Fried Tofu with Veggies and Cashews [Recipe from here]

Vegan/Sugar-free Apple-Walnut Muffins [this recipe is not on my computer]

- - - - - - - -


Share your yummy recipes with me please!



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