Lost thoughts.

I have not much of substance to write about today.
I've begun practicing again. Which I am VERY happy about, I missed singing, warming up my voice, being able to hit high notes and not run out of breath.
I'm hormonal now, which doesn't make for good journal entries, but makes good for irrational behavior's, and ridiculous thought-processes, that I wish I could avoid, but the estrogen flowing through my body won't allow such things.
For a long time, ever since I dated this boy - Jack, I've wanted to write this song of my own experiences in dating, like Alanis Morissette did in this one song of her's that I'm fond of called "Unsent". Where you write about each person and what they taught you and what-not in the relationship. Now I have more things/experiences to write about, 6 to be precise. I never thought I would be in that many relationships by the time I was 23, that would be relationships that would mold me as much as they have.
*I would also like to write a song about songs that molded me, or affected me profoundly at one point or another in my life.

I'm interested in seeing how my music evolves throughout my life, will I ever stop writing songs with a hit on sarcasm, or a bit of whimsy? Will I become hardened and responsible at some point, philosophical and worldly, spiritual maybe? Will my style of singing change?


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