I can take you there.

For those of you who I don't whine to this about on a daily basis.
My ukulele broke a few weeks back, and I am not in proper financial standings to fix it.
Luckily, or at a last resort, my old Ukulele is here in Minneapolis. It doesn't stay in tune either, but if I just pick instead of strum I can get something I can use for a song. I've had versions of this song in my head for quite awhile, but just recently it's been able to materialize because I found the right music for it, sadly you can't hear it very well, but it allowed me to actually release it from myself, which has just been killing me to not be able to create music with my ukulele. I didn't realize it until recently how much I've been relying on it as a crutch to release emotions/feelings from my life.

ALSO! some exciting not depressing news.
I think I may have talked about it on my blog.
But if not it's a surprise!
I'm in a book!
That's right I've been published!
Nothing to do with my music, just to do with my outfits/style?
You guys have seen my outfit posts, well I've been doing that for quite some time now, a lot more on flickr. And a lovely lady found a picture of mine and asked to use in her book. And it's now out! You can get it at Urban Outfitters. I went there yesterday to check to see if it was there.

Page 35! It's from this picture from my flickr account.
I've been flickring since 2005 with a brief silence when I was lacking a digital camera. It's quite a great addiction to have!

anyone that reads my blog who lives in Minneapolis.
Please come to the best party in Minneapolis this Friday Night.

I will be there supporting my favorite band of all time. Clawlikethings.com

Much Love,


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