Etsy things that should be mine.

Spats, I've been watching this seller on etsy for almost a year now, she makes lovely Spats, that at one point I thought I would just try to make my own pair, but would rather just have a pair of hers!

These amazing Lace-Up Socks before she closes her store next year. These would look so fun with my heels that I wear way too much. And keep my toes a lot more warm than tights.

Obnoxiously Large necklaces. I really needed some large gaudy Gold necklace the other day for an outfit and I sadly don't have anything in my arsenal, but this little etsy surprise would be perfect for a good collection of my outfits, but especially in black , white, yellow, and red.

which brings me on to this necklace that I've wanted specialized with my 'Jemibook' name ever since I saw 'Nubby's' last year sometime. But $50 is too much for my brokeass.

They are made by Helpless Romantic, the only thing I can't decide on is what color combination I want. Pink is my favorite color, but Jemibook is associated with rainbows, but I wear a lot of things that would go good with black, white, or yellow. decisions, decisions, on things that I have no money for.

I lost my moleskine recently, and have nothing miniature enough to fit in my purse for random doodles or stories or letters to lovely people, I need something to fill that gap, any of these will do fine.

Yes I love Unicorns. and the craftsmanship and personalization of these books is beyond coveting and into worship mode.

I don't necessarily have a problem with loosing my pencil of choice, but I do like that this cover is made specifically for moleskines, and that it comes included with the purchase.

Sometimes I love Damask printed items, in this case it's a yes, especially because the sheets inside are all turquoise

Thank you etsy for feeding my window shopping this morning.


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