Lolita or Jemibook?

This is to the readers of my blog, who've ever read Lolita.
This is also the readers of my blog, who've ever enjoyed listening to my music or bought it.

You get to choose.

This next week i.e. Monday Dec 15th 2008 through Sunday Dec 21st 2008
I will work on one of these two projects to completion.

I will either [a] complete a new issue of Lolita
[b] I will complete a new song [possibly two].

The prize in it for you is a free copy of either [a] the new zine, or [b] a copy of the new song with a few other songs of my choosing on a cd.

I will send this to you everyone who responds to this post with a comment, choosing either [a] new zine or [b] new song. Whichever gets the most votes it what I will make.

The voting will be over by this Sunday December 14th, 2008

I want to do this so I will be motivated to complete something, and I also what to know who all reads my blog!

I will get addresses and everything else once everything is complete!

You can think of it as a christmas present for those of you celebrate it, I will think of it as a big thank-you to all of those who have been following my blog over the past year or more.

Much Love,


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