New Adventure!

So after my long 20+ hour trek through the United States of America this past Wednesday and Thursday I made it to my final Destination......------.... MINNEAPOLIS!
How exciting is that-VERY. I took some video along the way of myself in each state as I crossed, the videos are below in two parts.

It was utterly exhausting, which I didn't realize as much while I was driving as when I got here and I couldn't fathom the idea of driving that long of a distance all by myself ever again. I stopped at a hotel on Wednesday and wasted a whopping $60 on a room, ugh, I really didn't want to do that but I was soo wonky from driving from so long and my car was over packed so I couldn't sleep in there. It was a comfy bed though and free breakfast in the morning.

I got here and unpacked, and I'm sharing a room with Bryant-boo and he had cleaned and organized and such and made it nice for my things to come and live there, but I had forgotten my hangers so I couldn't take my millions of clothes out of their boxes, my things are still in a jumble, and I can't really purchase the things to organize better until I get a job, which I've already been looking for on craigslist-Minneapolis, surprisingly their craigslist isn't as cluttered with fake jobs as the jacksonville one always was. I will be going on foot and with car in tote to the plentiful job choices that I have to pick and choose from here in Minneapolis, I'm kind of excited for Monday!

Yesterday Ben took me out to see the town and such and we explored such places and a Cupcake shop of all of my favorite things how yummy! He picked out a 6-pack box for all of us to enjoy later in the evening when everyone was home from work.

We drove through Downtown Minneapolis with their futuristic looking sky-tubes and many high-rises.

And we visited Liz @ her workplace and went on a lovely walk [ it was so beautiful outside] and walked down to Calhoun Park/River/Lake?

There were lots of people out on their bicycles and walking their adorable puppies and enjoying the scenery. Minneapolis is very well maintained, which I can appreciate.

After Liz went back to work Ben treated me to This yummy RAW restaurant, I was delighted the meal was yummmmmmmy I had Raw Lasagna, something I was never able to make when I was hardcore Raw so it was exciting to eat, All raw food is really, because it's usually something you are familiar with but done in a completely healthful way so you just want to get your little mouth on everything and try it all.

We visited this Co-Op nearby and I drooled A-LOT, great healthy food options have really become a major weakness and favorite-d thing for me, that and puppies but we haven't found a puppy store yet!

So yeah, lots of fun was had with Ben out in the town. Later in the night we all went out for Thai food [ my very first time] and drank Plum Wine, we took my car so it was the very first time that Ben didn't have to drive so he could drink more than he usually is able to, it was funny, lots of laughs and gross conversations around the dinner table, we did some bowling afterward and I lost but it was fun, my wrists are too fragile for bowling so I have to throw the ball funny.

Anyways, today is the Farmer's market with Ben and Javier if he wakes up...mmmm more food indulging. YUM

Okay there will probably be lots more of these posts of me gushing about Minneapolis and such so I hope I don't make you sick, once I get back into a work routine and have my arty supplies and other things in order I will be back to updating with more of the fun stuff I like to share with you guys!

I'm off, have a great weekend if you aren't already!

Much Love,


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