I've gone and done it!

I'm officially out of the 904 area-code as of yesterday afternoon.
Right now I'm at a pit-stop until I travel to my final destination, which is set for T-minus two weeks, I'm shooting for leaving Friday October 3rd to start driving. But I will not be disclosing the final destination until I arrive and get settled a bit.

Today I kind of felt a little sick/nervous/anxious about it all actually happening, I've been talking about getting out of Jacksonville for a bit now, and as much as I know that just getting up and doing it, is the best way to get things started in your life it still stirs up a little bit of anxiety in me when it comes to the $$$ part of it.

But I will live through it, and I will work very hard to get things all financially situated in my life once again. As for the real 'goals' my passions and ambitions I have absolutely no worries about, I am completely confident that where I'm headed off to will fulfill all that I hope to accomplish in the coming days/weeks/months/years, it was love at first sight when I was there and I knew it was the place for me in all aspects, even as I divulged more into raw-food-ism,vegan-ism,vegetarianism I found that I could be supported more so by my healthier life choices there as well. It's going to be incredible.

As for the next two weeks, I will be minimizing my 'things' and packing things super tightly to fit in my car, trying to find small jobs to do for people while I'm in the area to get some extra traveling $$$, and once I find my crafty supplies-working on my projects-mostly my zines and a few drawings.

So yeah, monumental changes going on for Jemibook, but I still have been playing my ukulele more so lately than usual, I really feel I will be inspired a lot by the upcoming events in my life.

I'm excited, and nervous!

Much Love,


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