A new song?!

It's amazing, a new day has come.
I haven't written a new song in months, at least since July for Shawn's birthday was the last time i recall.

Last night I was inspired by this lovely new couple, and I was finally able to come up with some lyrics for the music that I had made up two weeks ago, it came to me so easily for the first time in a long time I was very happy. My creativeness is very easily had lately, I guess it's trying to make up for all the other crappy things going on in life right now, but I sure am grateful for it.

Anyways without any further delays he is my newest jingly-jangle!

Shawn was listening to me play it right as he came home and was asking me questions about the lyrics and such.. and the bit about jacksonville and such, and I still want to leave desperately but this song is for those people who want to stay even though they know that jacksonville doesn't have much to go off of, there is just a little bit of hope for better days in jacksonville for those of you who are willing to stick it out and make it happen. Also this song is inspired by my favorite newest cutest couple and it made me realize how happy cute couples make me, I love seeing people I know in love it makes me feel like I'm experiencing what they are experiencing, if that makes any sense?


So I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I really love 'The Fetus'

She has such an entertaining Flickr feed, I often find myself feeling sad for this little character that she draws and I want to squeeze it/him/her and make them feel better.

You can check her stuff over @ [ http://www.flickr.com/photos/the_fetus/ ]


Also I revamped my color, it's no longer a faded gross mess.. It's back to it's brilliant rednessssss! It makes me intensely happy to see it everytime I peep myself in a reflection. This was from this past Wednesday @ Square One & ArtWalk, I've been getting a lot of compliments on it. And my hair is officially LONG, at least by my standards, it's been a LONG trek, I started out with this :

Back in 2006 and decided then, that I would grow my hair out, and it's taken this long for it to get this long, no help to awful people who chop my hair WAY too much when I specifically say 'trim', so now I haven't been to get my hair cut at all in months, and it needs a little something but I [1] have no monies and [2] don't trust anyone at salons to do anything good to my hair any longer.


That's all for now,

Much Love,


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