Madame Lovely Tights!

Hello all, this is my outfit for tonight's 'Are Friend's Electric' @ Square One. They are having a 'superhero' party tonight, I came up with this character 'Madame Lovely Tights' she eats the sweet things in little kids dreams, she is part villain part cu-tie and three parts fashionable. She even has her own zine

I made this zine to go with my Costume so when people ask me who I am, I can just hand them this zine and it will explain all Madame Lovely Tights ways! You can get your own copy of this 8 page zine @ my etsy account [for $1.50 shipping included], or trade of course!


Issue 3 is coming along slowly, I put the above zine together the past two days but Issue 3 I have a few pages complete, I just need to collect a bit more information to finish the rest of the pages and then I can share it with the world, we've been having a bit of turmoil going on in the Jemi-Gutz house, there is a possibility of moving to New York for one or both of us in the near future, and I know no-one there or how much apt's cost there or pretty much anything about New York except it's world-renowned fabulous-ness is that enough to make a move to the north part of this country again?

Till Later,



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