Jemibook Missing in Action?

Oh gee, oh gosh, oh golly.

I've been away from this deer little blog sorry.
I have been terribly sick, and terribly unable to do anything zine related other than surf the internets for some stimulus and distros and such.
It's strange I've had the ideas just streaming through my consciousness but no actual energy to put forth towards anything but getting to optimum health.
Which means I was stuck in the house all week an unable to attend to my zine-like duties. I am upset because I wanted to get Lolita into all of the pretty pink-painted nails of it's recipients [ assuming of course that you all paint your nails pink for the upcoming arrival of Lolita in your heart windowed postal box].

But everything was at a stand still, until today. Lolita is back on the band wagon. All the people who requested a trade, or purchased one of my zines via etsy. Will be having your zines delivered tomorrow- PROMISE!

In other zine news :

I am super spoiled, my very first zine trade ever came in the mail today it's from Amanda who is one part of Tiny Paper Hearts [ ] I found their blog online and immediately fell in love, we organized a trade but I didn't think their loot would be soo lavish! Look at all these great zines they sent me [ check out the cute panda zine in the corner!] All the way from Australia too. It was nice to have my zine-cherry popped by such lovely gals! Their zines are a mixture of different topics like 'how to hide a pimple' 'everything you need to know about panda' and how to survive in the 'social world'. So cute and just what every Lolita girl needs to have in her life!

- - - - - - -

I am still in the process of working on Issue 3, won't tell you the topic yet, but I was inking one page today while I was wasting some time driving home from work, let's just say it has something to do with me becoming a magical sea-unicorn. !!

Also this week is my lover-Shawn's birthday [big 2-5!] So my time will be split quite a few different ways [I'm also in the process of trying to sign up for some college classes - pending if it will be free via the gov't!] [cross your fingers for me!] and work of course-blegh!

So if any of you are interested in a trade now that you've seen how great a zine trade can be - please don't hesitate to ask,proposition, hint,email me!

Much Love,


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