Panda Purchases

So after doing all the research and searching online for much Panda things I've come up with a whole bunch of fun things to share with you that I've found to get your panda fix with.

Little Panda Moleskine:
"This little pandalicious journal was handprinted with pigment ink and rubberstamps I have designed and cut myself.
To make it even more treasure, it comes beautifully packed in matching printed paperbag with a precious polka-dotted fabric ribbon wrapped around.

The notebook has 64 lined pages and a lid in the back, where you can keep little paper notes and stuff. Measures 3.5x5.5 inches.
Fits in every pocket and is the perfect companion for every day!

The LovelyLola Pop Presents : Blushing Panda Necklace

"Aww this little blushing panda is longing to be your buddy but is just too shy to ask.

Materials: acrylic with silver or gold plated chain

Measures: panda 6.5cm x 4cm, chain 40cm

Colours: baby pink cheeks or bright pink cheeks

Berkley Illustrations 'Panda':

"This Panda reviews restaurants for his local weekly newspaper. He is known as the "silent critic" because of his quiet eating and low-volume conversation. Truthfully, he thinks bamboo dishes are a little cliche.

This is a digital archival print created from original pen and ink drawing.

5x7" - Comes with backing in plastic sleeve just for you - all ready to pop in a frame.

BobCathats ' Knitted Panda Hat' :

"This hat is hand knit, hand crafted and made with love! It is made out of acrylic yarn with detailed facial features including two wooden button eyes! Perfect for an imaginative child or a child at heart.

I like to custom make each hat upon order so you get exactly what you want! Let me know the size/ age of the person its for and I’ll have it finished within a week.

Montbretia's 'Panda Love Bag' :

"This lovely tote is adorable! I cut out felt pieces by hand and sewed them all together to construct the very cute panda face. A nice little fact I found when buying the felt is that it's 100% recycled from plastic bottles, awesome. And, what's panda love without some hearts? These too, are made out of felt. There is also some fun, white rick rack on either side of the back of the bag to give it some extra oomph. The interior is interfaced and lined with a nice blue/white print knit. There is also a velcro pocket big enough to put all your small essentials. The pink straps are interfaced and made of linen. The outside is made from a pretty sturdy black fabric. This bag is incredibly durable and could hold something fairly heavy."

Amanda Panda
dress up paper panda.

Panda Bento Box, that I found on's Blog

And this is only the tip of the iceberg there are plenty more things on Flickr and to satisfy your Panda needs. Check them out!


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