Lolita Issue 2 Fin!

After a long hard journey through Panda Forest I bring you Lolita Issue 2 'The Panda Issue'. This issue of Lolita is chock full of Panda's, from panda fashion, to panda food, to panda make-up how-to's! If you've got a Panda craving you need this issue of Lolita.

It's printed on White and Pink Cardstock it is 11 pages big with two xtra special additions towards the back of the issue. It is the size of a half-sheet of paper,and is loose-leafed arranged and tied with a pretty pink floss string to keep the pages arranged. The front page is hand-watercolored pretty Lolita Pink and features tons of hand-drawn illustrations throughout.

Also this issue I've featured Panda gear from many Etsy sellers. Such as a Panda Love Tote Bag from [montbretia], and Knitted Panda Hat from [bobcathats], and a Blushing Panda necklace from [thelovelylolapop]. Support your fellow Etsy sisters and if you are feeling you need some Panda gear in your life check out their things.

You can purchase your own Issue for $2 on my etsy account or just send me a message on here and I'll arrange a copy for you.

I accept and love trades also for other zines or artwork!

- - - - -

I've started work on Issue 3, if I decide to go with the theme that I have started on then I will tell you more later, but I'm not sure if I'll have enough content for it yet so it's a work in progress on that much. I've wanted to have a few issues available before I decided to start sending my zines out to online distros or other distros in the states and what-not to be sold, so i may start doing that soon so see the results if anyone lives near a distro or store that sells zines and would like to see my zines there let me know so I can contact them!

- - - - -

yesterday was my Mother and Step Father's wedding renewal's it was nice to see all my family members that I never see and get to show off Shawn again, heh jk.

This picture was from their original wedding, we've all changed a lot since then, I was only 13 when they got married, it really doesn't seem like it had been 10 years until I was seeing people there that hadn't seen me in longer than 10 years and hardly recognized me. Life goes by so fast!

- - - - -

In other family related news, I found out that my brother just got engaged to his long time girlfriend Erin a few weeks ago.

I was happy for them because they've been together quite awhile and it's a big step for my brother in his life, he'll be turning 21 this year, geez when I think what was going on with my on my 21st birthday it's so completely different from where he is in his life.

That makes me feel so old though, it seems that everyone around me is either getting married/engaged, having children/being preggo, or getting a house or permanent residence or already has one.

I know comparing myself does nothing for my own existence and those things will happen for me when they are supposed to. But the happiness I feel for them for what's happening in their lives now I'd like to experience in my lifetime also, but my life revolves around different goals at the current moment. The weird thing though is that for the first time in my life I feel certain that I want all of those things with who I'm with now, and before I never did I always just assumed that they would happen because I was in a committed relationship with those other people but I never really was like wow I really want to be with this person for the rest of my life and had a steadfast assurance of that throughout my whole being, so I suppose it's put a different swing of things in my life than in the past. I guess this is growing up. . .

- - - - -

Alrightie that is all for now Have a lovely Sunday!

Much Love,



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