Issue 2's Progress

So I'm doing my very best to keep this Blog more updated.
I do spend a lot of time online, but it's more for researching and getting inspiration.
If you ever feel like you are missing out be sure to check out my Flickr Stream [ ] I usually update that daily with something or other.

I have been working all week getting the pages layed out and the drawings drawn in my new sketchbook all week, I finished that on Friday completely and took Saturday off to run errands and watch 'Elizabeth'.

Today I inked all the drawings on tracing paper and then taped them onto their pages and wrote all the information in. I finished all the pages except for one because I'm waiting to hear back from some people that I'm using for it to make sure they are okay with the information otherwise I will have to find some other people to use for it.

I went to a comicbook store here in Jacksonville on my way back from the library and looked around and they didn't carry any zines at all and no girl-type comics that I noticed either. I talked with the guy @ the desk and asked him about selling my zine there and he didn't really think it would be a problem, doing a consignment type deal for it but he said that I should come back on Tuesday when then owner is in so I can ask him, he said that it was well done/drawn though that was the first time I've heard feedback from my zine.

Well other than when I went to the library, this was the first time I went to the teen section in that library I was looking or this book on Zine's [ Zine Scene ] and so I had to go in there, I looked around and they had a lot of comic books but no zines in there also, I asked the lady at the desk about having some my zines at the little pamphlet desk so that the kids could take some if they wanted and she thought it would be fine and also noted how 'cute' the zine was, but that they were just the 'desk' people and that the person in charge would be in during the week if I wanted to ask them.

After reading a few zine books I decided that I will make it in my budget to have a section of my zines going for basic advertising and random placement in some establishments that I know people wouldn't purchase then, but maybe their interest would be peeked and they would buy my zines from me personally or trade or give me some feedback. Although these advertising zines won't be 'exactly' like the ones I will be selling through my blog or on etsy, they won't feature all the extra's that you get when you order one [ which you will see starting in the second issue ], hand-packaged and delivered by mail is so much more personal than finding one, but finding one is a treat in itself also.

Also I decided that I'm going to try my best to feature Etsy sellers in my Zine in relation to whatever the Subject of that particular Zine would be for the Issue, it will be free to the etsy seller of course and I will be listing the items and links on my blog and the auction for easier access to the items, maybe later down the line if they like the response from being in a particular issue we could do a specific ad for compensation but as for now it's free.

Also if you can't tell by now, this issue is all about PANDA's!

Excited? I can tell!

Well till next time.
Much Love,


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