Lolita Issue 1

Horray, Lolita Issue 1 is finally up for sale on my etsy page . I was wondering when it was going to stop being so gloomy outside so I could take these pictures, and today I left early from work and was able to come home pull together this outfit and take some shots before my camera decided to run out of battery power, so many obstacles! Either way I like how they turned out, I dressed up like one of my girls in the zine!

About the First Issue:
It's a compilation of lots of my personal darling girls and tips and ideas for party's, dressing up, the environment, music and other things.
Completely hand-made by little ole me, it comes printed on pink paper and is bound together with pretty pink floss.
It is the size of half a sheet of paper and is 4 pages front and back.

If you love this issue just wait until the next one, you are in for a treat both times over!

Much Love,


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