I haven't posted in awhile, oops.
For some reason it's easier for me to keep a livejournal than a blog? I'm not sure I understand why. ANYWAYS. What in the heck have I been up to? Well lots and LOTS of reading and researching, and drawing all the things that I had been wanting to accomplish in these two months. I've worked on one and a half songs, I have one song recorded but it was on a particularly sad day for me, and thus the song is pretty depressing so I'm not sure if I will post it on here or not. I will openly say that I have been neglecting my ukulele for my other latest hobbies.

One of the main things I wanted to do was get back into drawing/doodling but make pieces and fully finish them, so I attempted doing a drawing a day for a week and I managed it but there was a particular character that I just happened to come up with that I liked soo much and I just wanted to do more with her. So after a few more doodling sessions I had a few different poses and outfits for this girl. The girls just sat around for a week or so when suddenly the thought came to me, to put them all together in a small format with some girly fun information with it.

and that's when my first idea to make my newest zine 'Lolita' came about.

It all came really quickly, the ideas, the layout, the size, the content and after 3 days I had a finished zine, printed, folded, tied together and with content and drawings that I was super proud about that I gloated to my boyfriend about it the whole 3rd day.

Then more ideas for other zine issues continued to come to me, I started compiling them into my notebook and have already got to work on my second issue which is all about panda's. This issue will have more to it than the first, more drawings, ideas, info, xtra's and other misc. things.

As of now I'm super passionate about it and want to focus 99% of my creative energy/time towards it, and as much as I've had fun playing ukulele and making songs for myself and others to enjoy I've lost my passion for it at the current time, and I don't want to force myself into making songs I'm not passionate about, so as of now I Jemibook in the musical sense will be put on hold until further notice or inspiration. I will still be selling cd's of the music I have made, and will play a show if invited/asked but as for new content I do not see any in the immediate future while I'm pursuing my new found adventure.

Lolita will be published under the 'Jemibook' name and this blog will be turned into an outlet and information supplier for all things dealing with my life and Lolita the zine.

Sorry to disappoint anyone, although one side-note, I'm hoping to get an isight/ better computer in the future and I have full plans to make videos for my songs and cover songs to be posted on here whenever those things happen to be made available to me.

My other blog 'Raw-a-Day' will still be updated with content on my raw lifestyle [although I've been slacking on there recently also, but my flickr has all that I've been able to photograph of my eating lifestyle], so if you are interested in a healthier way to eat you should check it out, going raw isn't as unsatisfying as the general public would like you to believe!

So I will be redoing the layout and such of this blog in the next week or so [ i hope] and be posting links to get your very own copy of Lolita in your hot little hands. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I've been obsessed with creating it!

Much Love,



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