Mini Update.

So I've been meaning to update of what I've been up to lately creatively. Somehow I just figure that everyone looks/reads my flick account [ ] and that it's repetitive to post about it here.

But the first week of my absence I set out to draw/doodle something everyday and accomplished that. The week after I acquired a new penpal, who just happens to live down the street and it's fun that we both don't care that we live so close we just love the idea of snail mail, it's personal and a great way to combine writing and whatever else you want to stuff inside an envelope/package. I'm still looking for more penpals-wherever you live it doesn't matter!

My brother visited last weekend and he has become impeccably proficient in what seems to me a short time on the piano/keyboard. I was the 'hopeful' pianist growing up and he took up drums at one point but ever since he got into piano he's been rather obsessed with it, he's very technical and has gotten himself fully immersed and he brought one of his portable keyboards up when he came and it was so lovely to hear him play, I kind of wished we lived together so that I could listen to him practice it's really soothing. I just wish that he would do it for a living, gigs and such, but he's taking the 'responsible' route and going to school to become a mechanic later this year. I know he's being responsible I just hate to see people do things because they think that it's 'right' and not because they want to. At least when it comes to spending $1000's of dollars and school.

My Raw diet has been going pretty well, and my lover and I have decided to build our own couch this weekend because [1] we are poor and [2] we can never find something in our style that's affordable and [3] the couch we have is very uncomfortable and finally [4] our place is very thriftyshoppy with much unmatched things and we're hoping this will be a step in the right direction to start pulling things together.

I was inspired by this picture that I found on a livejournal community .

I will post some photos of us making it and completing it on my flickr account.

Other random news :

[] Some pictures that I took of myself on flickr of my outfits may be soon be used in a book of how people really dress, I'm just finishing filling out all the forms for it currently so nothing 100% yet on that.
[] I met someone new via flickr [ my latest penpal ] and it was so nice to meet someone new and like that, I've heard of people meeting via flickr before but this was my first experience and I'd like to continue doing so. I was talking about flickr with some people last night @ the club and I was realizing how many opportunities I've been offered from there, it really makes me want my pro account back so that I can properly display my photographs in sets and such again but I haven't got the expendable income to disperse on that right now.
[] Purchased my first handmade soaps via Etsy for the first time since I lived in chicago, I'm sure I've mentioned my love for handmade soaps before, but my lover and I have been trying to be as organic/natural as possible when it comes to what we use on our bodies and we have both run out of body soap so I thought this was a great time to buy from crafty girls and fill one of my greatest pleasures. Also I love the afford ability of choosing from etsy, I got a 5 pack sample of some really great flavors for $5 and two wooden slotted soap trays for $5 now I just can't wait to get it in the mail!
[] My lover purchased me a Game Cube used @ EbGames this week because I've been having really bad video game cravings, mostly for 'The Original Sims' for mac and 'The Ocarina of Time'. The sims would be more do-able if it weren't for the fact that my cd drive hasn't worked since I procured this laptop and I can't even find it on ebay. The ocarina of time was an easier fix and $60 later I've been playing it for 2 days. I only allot myself 1hour a weekday to play it so that I can still get other things done but it's been very satisfying for me. Also I found this website [ ] where you can build papercraft things from nintendo videogames, pretty sweet!

Music related news, I managed to burn 5 or 6 cd's of 5 of the songs on my myspace account [February, Elope, Menses, Little Asian Girl Part 1, and one other song that I forget but it's on there]. Mostly because people we're asking me if I had any cd's with those songs on it, and I haven't had a burner so I haven't been able to make any more cd's and I took advantage when my brother's computer was here. I'm planning on making handmade covers out of cardboard this time. If anyone would be interested in purchasing one I'll be selling them for $7.50, a little bit more than my MMM cd's only because there are so few of these. Also there are 8 MMM cd's left if anyone is still interested in purchasing one [].
I haven't been practicing that much, but I have been messing around with a new chord progression that I liked and recorded just haven't been able to find any suitable lyrics for it quite yet. I hope to get the inspiration soon.

Okay! I think I will stop writing for now, and try to update a little more frequently about what's been going on in my life!

Much Love,


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