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So, yes Make Music Monday was neglected this week, but truth be told it will be neglected for a bit, two months to be precise.
What happened may you ask, well I've decided to take a summer break from Jemibook to focus on my health and other things that conquer my daily life [i.e. I'm going to start looking for a new job soon].
But I've also decided that I'm starting work on a semi-secret project that is musically based but will have a lot of work in it on my part that can't really be shared with the world at this time.
I did perform last night @ Square One and as thoroughly nervous/anxious as I became it turned out pretty amazing. A far cry of a difference from my first show, I liked that there were people there that weren't particularly paying attention to me directly but they were there, and the people who did pay attention to me discovered the wonder that is the 'rainbow mustache' which I created specifically for the show. The three songs I played we're 'Little Asian Girl' a cover of 'Build me Up Buttercup' and 'Menses'. People danced to Little Asian Girl, a group of people sang along with the cover, and I got some laughs out of Menses, overall I was amazed at the reaction. I did mess up a few times I forgot some of the lyrics to the cover but I played it off really easily and no one said they noticed so I was pretty proud of myself for that.
The Other acts 'Preston' and 'Jessica Pounds' were great I really enjoyed their songs and it was a treat to get to play with talented people like themselves.
I had good reactions from people who watched it, but a lot of people missed my performance by 10 minutes or so and we played pretty late [10:45ish] and some people missed it because they didn't announce that we were playing, but I don't blame anyone it was just a hectic night.
As much as it was successful I still REALLY want to find someone else to play ukulele with me or for me, I've decided during this hiatus I will be making some flyer's and posting them around town here in Jacksonville to look for someone to join me in my musical adventures, hopefully with some luck because I've found ukulele players are quite a rare breed.
A million pictures we're taken that I've yet to get my hands on since it's only 10am the day after but I will be sure to post some, so you can see all the crazy faces I make while performing.
Thanks for everyone who came out to Square One's first Art&Music bash, it really was quite amazing and the art was so much better than anything that I've seen collectively @ Artwalk, also a LOT of the artists sold their pieces too which I've never heard of such a thing happening @ Artwalk or anything like that. It was a super successful night I hope everyone involved made out like bandits, I sold one of my cd's and gave one to a fan so I'm happy to just have sold one, $5 in my hot little hands for something I completely hand-made means a lot to me.
As for this blog I will still be posting some inspirational things and some music affiliated things but MMM won't be in use for the next two months. I will be posting more so over on my Raw a Day blog if you are at all interested in learning about how I'm doing transitioning over to Raw Foods or are interested in it yourself, I'm constantly excited about my symptoms,reactions,and finding new and tasty Raw foods to ingest, I never thought a green smoothie could taste so good!
You can check it out @

I hope you all have a great week!

Much Love,


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