Make Music Monday.

Good Day there Matey's!

The day has finally come, Jemibook's first show @ a venue is soon-soon-soon. In less than two weeks to be precise. I will be performing along with Jessica Pounds, and Preston, who are both pretty great, and it's going to be all acoustic sets, as well as many local artists lovely items all up around the place. It's on a Wednesday night, so you guys have no excuse to not pop in and at least see my first venue performance and if you have work or what-not you can duck out early, I will forgive you slightly.

I've finally decided on my set-list for it, and if time permits I am going to be making a compact disk with 5 or less songs on it exclusively for the show to sell along with my Make Music Monday Ver. 1 disks that I have left over. If you still haven't purchased one of these hand-made lovelies there is a selection left over @ .

As for today's song, I figured that I hadn't done a cover song in awhile, and I am quite fond of cover songs, so I went through my long list of songs and chose this one after a debate between 3 others. I hope you enjoy!

This week will be more practicing songs, and finishing up my special surprise and possibly the cd's, I've been reading a lot lately thanks to my new diet, so it's a bit time consuming in way that my music is not getting #1 priority right now, but I'm sure that it will benefit all parts of my life so I'm willing to put more effort into it now, so I apologize in advance if I slack a bit.

Also I was really happy this past week I went out to Square One's 'Are Friend's Electric' for the first time in eons, and I managed to get the Dj's to play this :

Supposedly that is one of the top worst songs you can request to a DJ, but everyone was dancing on the floor, it was amazing, and I was delighted.

Well I hope you all have an incredible week!

Much Love,


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