Make Music Monday

Hi there lovers!

It's been quite a trans formative weekend for me.
I've decided to 180 my diet and go Raw. I won't be boring you with the details of it on this blog, so I decided to start a blog for it over on wordpress [ Raw A Day ]

I've mostly been doing that all weekend, but during the past week I had a sudden burst of inspiration and came up with the fourth Part for the 'Little Asian Girl' series, I've been stuck on Number 3 so it's been stiflingly me but the fourth song came to me and I just went with it.

This recording is quite bleh to me, and I had full intentions on re-recording it today when I got home from work, but I guess my voice had other ideas, I even tried some vocal exercising and it's just not working out for my voice today, but I wanted to present you with something so I hope you can get the gist of it but know that it's not at it's full-potential, Oh! and it was also recorded with my new mic, so I'm pretty proud of that fact.

As for the Little Asian Girl series, most everyone knows Part One, but I actually wrote Part Two first, but I don't really like it in comparison to Part One so it's not on any cd's or online currently, and I plan on having 5 parts so just two more to go and I can have the whole project together. The thing with the Little Asian Girl is that I want it to be all natural and not forced so I've just let the songs come to me when they do so I can't really put a time line on it.

I got the supplies to make one of the items for the show I'm playing in a couple of weeks, the flyer is being made up now so I'll post it when it's finished to let everyone know officially when it will be and where and time and what-not. But the thing I'm making is pretty spectacular, I have two ideas but I don't know if I'll be able to get them all done in time, I hope so though!

Well I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Much Love,


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