Make Music Monday


Insanity week and weekend over here in Jemibook Land.
So glad that's over, and this week is the start of my new exercise regiment, and starting real work on my performance in a few weeks. The house is finally clean and mostly put together so I'll be able to take real pictures soon.
My Lover and I decided that our house doesn't really have any style right now, it's mostly thrifty-style, lots of strange ideas placed together.
It will probably take a long time for us to develop a style we like together.

This is a song, that I've liked and then hated, and then liked again. Now I'm kind of okay with it because the chorus is nice, but my uke skills are bleh where I mess up. This song is pretty obvious, so I'm sure I don't need to explain it, but luckily I haven't been put in this situation since then.

The video footage that we were able to produce last week was pretty fun, we weren't able to fully get everything done so we will plan to do so before my little Asian girl leaves for London.

Here is a sneak peek of what my little Asian girl looked like all dressed up in her outfit for the video-shoot! And the main picture is a shot from the video shoot. We shot at a playground and all of these little kids [for some reason weren't in school] were following us wherever we filmed, so we got a final shot with a group of them, with this amazing Rainbow that was at the front of the park...yes it was soooo Jemibook, just perfect for the video-shoot!

Also I've been obsessed with Patrick Watson as of late. I think everyone should check him and his music out!

Well that is all for now.
Until Next time!

Much Love,


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