Make Music Monday

Happy Monday!

Another week another song.

This week's song is an old songs that came randomly as I came home late from work and school last year. One of my first multi-track songs with my own 'language' in one of the tracks.

I was really feeling this song today while I was driving to Palm coast, after work to come and babysit my brother for the week.

This week instead of working on a new song I'll be working on the first official music video for Jemibook for 'Little Asian Girl Part 1'. It will be made with the official 'Little Asian Girl' and should be pretty fabulous with all of the ideas that we have spouting in our brain of different scenes and ideas.

In additional news the Show that I'm scheduled to do was pushed back to May still @ Square One, and I will give more information when they have the flyer and all of that nonsense completed.

Not too much else to report.

Much Love,


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