Jemibook / Lolita Shout-Out's!

So, I've been meaning to make this post for a bit now, but I have been waiting to compile more things I suppose.

Anyways Lolita Issue 2 [ the panda issue ] was featured on Tiny-Paper-Hearts's Blog the other day you can check it out over here [ ]. I've become fond of those two gals they do quality things and I can appreciate that, and also the swapping of Vegan Recipes has become a shared happiness between us also!

I just stumbled upon Michelleardi's Blog a few days ago, and she had posted about the package that I sent her with my cd's in it. She was very excited to get the cd's that I sent her. You can check her post out here.
I found her online awhile ago when I was searching for 'Jemibook' on google and she had said she was listening to my Ep in heavy roation on her account and we struck up a conversation. It was my first real internet buzz without me knowing the person so I was pretty stoked. and I never say stoked. but I was.

Also, in other Jemibook news, I got an offer to play a gig in Atlanta on the 26th but I don't think I'll be able to do it, because of money issues currently in our house-hold, my lover is currently unemployed and i'm in the process of searching out a second job. But it would have been a great excuse to skip work and go visit Atlanta soo soon again [ and eat hoards of amazing foodstuffs!] But maybe next time.

And I have been asked to be on a compilation for Series Two Records which is still in the process of being worked out. But I"m having a hard-time choosing which song I would want on the cd, so I thought I'd ask those of you out there who read my blog and such to help me choose a song. I've made a player below with the songs I've got in the running you can listen to them and then just post a comment with which song you think would be best suited to represent me on a compilation.

Choose Your Fav

Also the last song on this playlist is a new song that none of you have heard except y lover. I made it for him for his birthday, I didn't really make up a name for the song so it was just defaulted as 'ForYou' but it was for him. Hope you enjoy something new to fill your earbuds!

Okay I'm ridiculously tired and have to do a 'test' day today at this sushi place that I applied at, so let's hope it goes well!

Much Love,


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