If you haven't heard already about [Muxtape.com] then you need to.
So I am presenting it to you now, i'm a bit addicted to it.
I used to go to the Hype Machine whenever I needed to listen to something that was random and could happen upon something that I like, but the Hype Machine has gotten to high-tech, I liked how minimal it once was.
That's where Muxtape comes in. You upload 12 songs of your choice and it makes you, your own page with the songs and all you have to do is click on the first song and it goes through all the songs like a mixed tape. You can send the link to anyone to listen to your music, I just uploaded music to mine [ http://jemibook.muxtape.com/ ] I made an easy-going mix, but on the main page there is just all of these links with everyone elses page who has uploaded 12 songs and you can go and listen to their mixes. I like to click on someone @ random and then if they have one or two songs that I know or like I listen to their mix and I usually find someone else new on their list that I don't know of and can get into.

It's a great simple idea, and I appreciate it much! check it out for yourself.

I've been a bit obsessing about these cookies. More about making them. They seem to have an endless amount of possibilities to differentiate them with your own flavor combinations and that pleases me. I joined a Macaron Group on Flickr so I could be enlightened into the way of making these delectable bites, but it seems that these are pretty hard to make. I haven't yet tried a recipe, but more than researching before I go out and get ingredients.

Some Uke's that I have been drooling over for ages...




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