Outfit of Her Night.
Originally uploaded by Jemnifur

It's been a long time since I posted an outfit shot.
But that little house was just making me cramped with all of our stuff in there, and we finally have it a little bit organized around these parts so I was inspired to put together an outfit and take some shots of it, for tonight's 'Are Friend's Electric'.

Jacket: My lovers
Tuxedo Shirt: My Lovers
Yellow Polka Dotted Skirt: Gifted by my Anastasia
Green Soccer Socks : Gifted by my Anastasia
White Shoes : Gifted by my Anastasia
Cummerbund: My Lover's.

I like that this entire outfit is from other people's waredrobe's. My Lover and I often swap clothes, he can fit into my pants but I can't into his though, we share accessories and such, it's pretty sweet.


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