Writer's Block.

My very first Writer's Block, has to happen in the beginning of the year horrible. I equate it to the fact I'm having a bit of a financial problem at my house this month and I'm stressing a little over it, and trying to indulge in immediate happiness instead of trying to work hard @ pushing something out of my mind for it.

I started a new song last week and worked more on it today but it's still not fully how I want it to be so I don't want to throw it out into the waters yet.

But of course I will present you with a song.

I did this cover Last May when I was living in Palm coast, kind of spur of the moment while I was painting my room so I could move to Jacksonville, you'll hear some extra sounds which now is funny to me because it was my then roomate Christoff coming in while I was recording. I miss living with him he was a fun roomate. We used to jam out together in the living room and garage he plays guitar and has been in multiple bands he is an incredibly talented lyricist I hope one day to produce things of his caliber.

Now I've just got to work on getting out of this funk, and find some place where I can work for the day and make some extra money, any ideas?

Much Love,


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