Make Music Monday [ Introduction to Happiness]

Hallo My Loves!
Aren't I glad the Holiday's are over! Yes! I had a nice quiet weekend caring for a sick boy and picked up some new books at the local Library, and some sweet pins @ the Flea Market for a whole Dollar - now that's what I call a deal!

And now onto the music! Today I will be presenting you with the first song off the new album that's being created day by day over here @ Jemibook Headquarters!

It's the start of something that can only get spectacularly messy, aren't you excited?!!

New Developments include : More Drawings of the Dynamic Duo of Jemibook - Sticker ideas forming - Costume Ideas

Also! If you play the ukulele and you read my blog let me know I'd love to let the world know about other Ukulele players because whenever I tell someone I play the Ukulele they are always surprised, I think we should let the world know we're not alone!

Well Until Next Time,

Much Love,


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