Secret Cupcakes Blasted!

I guess I'm trying to keep up with one of my new year's resolutions a week. This week, post more blog-entries!

About Cupcakes of course!
I made this lovely batch yesterday in the middle of the day. I had a chocolate craving because of that lovely time of the month and I needed a fix, so I whipped up these lovelies but I wanted them to be a bit different than just plain ole chocolate fudge cupcakes - especially because I didn't have any frosting to top them with.

So I added a dollop of Peanut-Butter into the middle and cooked them away, and I remembered I had some left over white-chocolate in my fridge from my White Chocolate Cherry Craisin Shortbread cookies so I decided to roll the tops in it and sprinkle them with some lovely heart sprinkles!

I think they turned out lovely and the chocolate/peanut butter insides are super decadent I can usually eat 3 or 4 cupcakes at a time but I can only eat 1 one these at a time and that's a pretty big deal for a girl who sports a cupcake tattoo on her side.

Most people don't know that I have this because it's not in such a place that most people see but I adorned it on my body in 2006 and love it dearly, it's funny because it's in a place that I can't see every time I look in the mirror I forget that it's there and when I do see it, it surprises me - it's such a great treat!

Why Did I get a cupcake on my side? Well I had an ebay bizzness back in the years from 2004-2006 and a lot of my swag was directed at cute food stuffs [before the whole cupcake thing got to Hot-Topic proportions] I had to make my own treasures to wear out and thought that others would be interested in doing the same thing so a love for the cake and creatively expressing myself created [ Jem Inc. ] the name of my company back then, it was great while it lasted but I ran out of steam around the time my then relationship ended and started to peruse other creative outlets for myself, I haven't gone back to that creative medium since then it's funny how big my life has changed since then, mind-body-and soul. This cupcake tattoo reminds me of that time and is just aesthetically pleasing for me.

Oh and a p.s. on cupcakes - I read this blog [Cupcakes Take the Cake] one that's been feeding my obsession with the Cakes for years now, and They found the above picture and posted it on their blog - I feel honored!

Check it out here [ ]

Well Until Later,

Much Love,



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