Make Music Monday

Good Afternoon Readers of this blog.

Jemibook Here. January has not been kind to this young-lady, and last week was no exception, I've strangely lost my musical inspiration for the project I have started on and it's really upsetting to me. Factors have inhibited my positive mood lately and am hoping that the passing of this month and into February one of my more favorite months for several reasons will bring things back to normal for me musically/creatively.

I've been working on a song for two weeks now, not a song for the concept I have been trying to pursue just something that came to me while I was working a few weeks ago, but I've been having the worst time finding the lyrics coming to me, it's been frustrating because I want to have this goal every week to make a new song but my life just doesn't want things to go that way.

Although I have been very enamored with taking up drawing/painting/sketching much more lately, that and finding even more thrifty ways to live and eat. I want to put an effort more into this but I feel it will take away from what I am trying to do here with my music.

I think I may just be let down because my aspirations of moving early in the year are most likely not going to work out because of my financial situations at the moment and I've started to look for a new job to help remedy this, but that's difficult for me because I know it will keep me here longer, and I was all set on not doing that.

Sure plans change, but it just sucks because I had all of this built up, and I was making plans and setting things into motion and letting family members know and so-forth and now all of it has gone to shit unless something incredible happens.

But as music goes I am still trying to work on it and forge through with something, I finally finished this song today.

It came out mostly as I had it in my head, but I've decided I'm not going to pressure myself to pop out a new song every monday, but I will post a song that I have made or redone every Monday, and if I manage to feel inspired musically I will post it obviously, I'm hoping this will pass that I will be back on track soon, but look forward to seeing other creative efforts from me in exchange.

That is all for now.

Much Love,



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