Outfit of this day.

This is my outfit for going out to Square One's [Are Friend's Electric]. I decided to make my outfit this time and I constructed this dress out of two different fabrics and three different kinds of lace, it's all hand-sewn and didn't take a terribly long time to make, I'm pleased with it's deconstructed-dolly look.

I paired it with two layers of stockings, one shade is white and the under layer is the same color as my neck-scarf-thingy, I should probably learn the proper name for it.
I tied some lace to my wrists and wore my favorite pair of heels.
My hair was also a bit of an experiment, I pin curled it last night and slept in it and woke up to a lovely mess of curls, I pinned up half of it and installed some clip-in hair extensions that I made for myself for halloween.

One pearl earring for good measure and a collection of necklaces to top everything off.

Can't wait to go out and have fun!


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