Jem and the Holograms

If it's not obvious it should be that I'm a baby of the 80s.
Unlike others I embraced it and took as much as my mind was able to of it at the time.
One thing in particular stood out to me more than others, and that was the show 'Jem and the Holograms'.
Thanks to older family members I had hand-me-down dolls, games, books, and I watched the show on the telly.
Their outlandish 80s fashion-sense and vividly colored hair has inspired me throughout life.

Sometime in 2002 I re-named myself Jem because I found it much more fitting than my mother and father's chosen name 'Jennifer', not much of a far stretch but it encapsulated everything that I felt was me.
Firstly it's very simple and neat, and I'm a fan of minimalist clean looking names like Zoe. On the other hand it had references to my favorite cartoon of the 80s and character and whom I got much inspiration from. Finally it was an easy transition from my chosen name and I was able to spread it about easily and confidently as my own.
Sure people still get it messed up when I introduce myself for the first time thinking i'm saying [Jim or Gem] but I'll take the time to correct them or sometimes I even have to write it out but they get it in the end, and those special people out there who say 'You mean from that 80s television show' they win my heart eternally.

I think it was a combination of Jem, Frenchie in Grease, and my art teacher in 6th grade who fully inspired me to dye my hair unnatural colors especially pink, always my choice of dye on ladies and men's alike. My mom might wonder why I'm so weird, but check out my influences lady!

As a parting note to this strange entry I'll leave you with a little video I found thanks to the Coilhouse Blog.

Much Love,


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