Make Music Monday

I'm Back!
It's Monday. Yesterday I had a string of creativity overcome me, I wasn't able to focus it on my project, but I did manage a great new song.

Check it out:

Yes, I'm pretty happy about it. Although I do talk about it starting around 22 and such I've been going through all of the things in the song since I was 19 or so. And it all came to a front the past year when I started to freak out and wonder what the fuck am I going to do with my life, and I realized up to this point in my life I was just trying to live my life according to some societal or parental view and not my own. Which is just ludicrous and I refuse to live up to society or my parent's views of how I am supposed to make my life happen. Thankfully now that I've figured that out I've been a lot more confident and happy in where I am at my life, and realize I'm doing things the way that I should be doing them and achieving the goals that I want, not ones that are someone's idea of what I should do. It's very enlightening I tell you!

The internet was helpful in this also, I didn't know what I was feeling actually was something that had a name and that other people experienced frequently. Here are some links that are helpful.

Quarter Life Crisis Definition
Mae Jane talks about Quarter Life Crisis on her Blog Doc.U.Menting

I believe I am out of the slump that was most of January, I have the greatest art project idea I've been working on, but I'm waiting 2 more weeks for my tax return monies to get here so I can finish the projects, I ran out of white-out half-way into one of my drawings and I'm super broke [$2 in my bank after rent until thurs! eek!]. But I'm working on a multi-medium project.
All that I can say about it so far, is that it's part Photographic, and part drawing/painting. I will have 5 pieces of each medium, and it's theme is revolving around the 70s and Sex.

Oh the Gov't Shanked me on my tax return also, I'm really surprised I don't have a hate-song about the Gov't yet..

Until next time.

Much Love,


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