Make Music Monday

Good Heavens!

It's Monday-indeed-it-is.
So Much has been happening in the past week, but I haven't been able to document it because of course I have to get sick. Yeah, while I was taking care of my adorable boyfriend he finally [ after a month of being sick ] managed to get me sick. Not as bad as him thankfully but My voice sounds all funny.

But I was adament I wanted to make a song for this week, and I've sung while I was sick before, and it's pretty funny. So I found these lyrics that I wrote last year and put some music to it - and with my voice combined...i give you. . .

My newest creation. I wrote it back when i was working 30 something hours at Publix slicing meat away and away and away. I still work there but only 20 hours now thankfully. 10 hours is a big difference - I swear! I need to work on it more vocally and more lyrics, I didn't realize it was 3 minutes until after i formatted it. But this is a rough draft for now. Hopefully it's not too painful with my sick voice in there, but I'm happy with it's potential at least.

There's more going on in my life right now, but I just don't have the proper energy to exert it into blog-format. But hopefully it will pass quickly and I will be typing up a storm and blasting out some inspiration your ways soonish!

Much Love,



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