Make Music Monday [ transition time ]


There is only one more Make Music Monday after this. It's crazy the year is going to be over, 2007 went so fast. I'm excited for 2008 Jemibook adventures.

This week's song is the very first start of the new angle that I'm going with Jemibook.
I'm starting this story line with the new character to join Jemibook adventures Bryant-Boo the Lion! I can't tell much you'll have to hear the story as it unfolds, but there is much in store for Jem and Bryant-Boo in the chapters of this Jemibook to come!

So I think I don't have to explain myself about what the song means. But you should be excited about songs to come. Because I am.

The Only good things about Christmas for a person that doesn't celebrate it, are the tons of free food peoples give out and the free poinsetta's I received from my work today. And the fact that I get to see my friends who also don't celebrate christmas and we get to cause havoc with each other when we get to get together!

Tomorrow I have the day off, and I will be spending it at my house working on my many projects.. and cleaning my kitchen oh-MY! it is a mess I tell you, entertaining guests makes a Jemi-house very messy,heh. It's worth it though!

I'm happy to have you around!

Much Love,


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