Jemibook's First Show!

So the Post is finally here, mostly because I finally was able to afford to get the pictures out of the store. heh, and I just remembered that it's Christmas time, and those crazy people out there last-minute shopping are all making life crazy for us people's who don't celebrate.. I could just feel the tension in the air!

But anyways...onto the important stuff!

My show....

It started off like any other normal day, or not so much, I was anxious in the morning, until I realized that the weather was saying it might rain, so I thought I might be let off the hook by mother nature [ terrible I know ] but as the hours dwindled down, and I prepared myself otherwise I was discovering that the weather-man was not in tune with mother-nature as usual.

I practiced some and then left for the Park around 3, I picked up some Orange Tea at the Starbucks right around the corner and then found a lovely bench in the back of the park and set up my cupcakes, blanket, cd's and such.

While I was waiting for people to show up I practiced a few songs and a few little children came by and sat by a tree and watched me play, they asked me some questions and actually knew what the instrument I was holding was called, they told me about penguins and some other things and requested I sing a song about penguins after that, which I obliged with my poor improv skills.

My friend Cara came soon after and eased some of my nerves. Shawn and his friend Anthony came after that and they brought Balloons, my favorite chocolates, and some wine to share with the others. I thought it was funny the balloons were a flamingo, one that said 'baby we love you' and then a hello kitty one that said 'happy birthday' on it, Shawn not yet knowing my hate of hello kitty, but I put that one off on that it could be Cara's, so as not to leave a bad omen on the day.

More people soon came and I got anxious to start the show at 4:30 I hate not being punctual so it was hard for me to not start at exactly 4. I introduced them to Jemivision and started off my set with ' February' .

I was so nervous at this time, there were things that I didn't think I needed to think about, like who to look at, and for how long, and did people notice I was looking at certain things, was I smiling too much, I just couldn't focus on what I needed to, so I jumbled the lyrics in my head and I couldn't remember if I sang the same verse twice, and I just didn't sing the last verse because I was afraid I would mess it up, even though the song is so simple to me, I still was too nervous.

They said they didn't notice afterwards, but I was all grossed out.

I played 'Dance Partner' after that, and I seemed to do better, and as I finished I forgot to mention that I really loathe the sound of 'clapping' and noted to them and they made an effort to do some snapping the next time around. I thought that was very thoughtful of them. It seems that it's kind of weird to not like the sound of clapping, but it really irks me.

'Elope'-'Little Asian Girl Part 1'-'Tuesday'-'Life As a Musician' were next in that order, I started to loosen up towards the end and tapped my feet a bit more to the music, and did a bit more of the mannerism I use when I'm practicing, I couldn't help but smile like a cheese ball most of the time it was so funny to me to play for these people that I see in all sorts of my life.

Finished the set with 'Menses' which the girls seemed to like the most and was happy to be done and have it over with.

Everyone of course said that it was good and they liked it, but I knew that I could be a much better performer if the circumstances were different, and not in location or anything like that, but just the set-up musically.

I realized after this show that I want to take Jemibook in the direction I had originally thought of in my head. Where I would make up the songs and music, and have someone play the music for me, and I would sing and perform and such. I didn't know anyone who would be willing or who I would trust to go on this venture with me.

But I have now! I am soo excited about it actually, like REALLY SUPER excited. It's a great step in Jemibook history.

So there may be a possibility down the line for another solo Jemibook show, when I feel more confident about playing the Uke and singing, but at least for awhile it won't be.

I have a lot of ideas for Jemibook going into 2008, and have been hashing them out with my new found side-kick. I won't be divulging into who it is until I have more stuff drawn up and songs created and such to go along with it, but it will be soon-soon-soon, because as I said I'm excited about it.

Also I'm not planning on playing any shows until possibly March or April, I may play a few impromptu songs here or there when the Uke is around, and unless some opportunity comes up that I shouldn't pass up,[never say never] but I'm not planning on it for now.

So for those of you who missed my show, that sucks for you, but just know you won't want to miss the next one because I have even more extra specials in store for it!

Much Love,


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