Make Music Monday [ 2007 out 2008 in!]

As the year closes here over @ Jemibook we've got a lot of progress under our belt.

A year ago I made this first video of me playing my learning Uke on the internet

Now we're much more High-Tech with our Fancy High-Quality Uke and know more than the basic chords and strumming.

I've decided to post-pone this week's new song to bring you one of my first songs I ever made when I first started over a year ago. It's been a great year!

Secretly I'm not posting this week's new song yet because I've been in a bit of a funk with all of these days off, it really throws me off, I'm halfway done with the song now and it's coming out just as I want it to but not flowing out as easily as it usually does. But it's going to be the first song on the new album/book that will be completed I imagine early next year, we've decided it will have 12 songs and have some extra special things to go with it, that only Jemibook can bring you.

But we did update the Blog for the new year, Lovely Bryant-Boo made us a super sweet new banner and we redid the layout, Not only are we on our own name [ ] but now we have our own custom layout, we are just super pleased and excited collectively about all the plans coming out of our brains for Jemibook in 2008. Horray!

Hope your 2008 is super productive!

Much Love,


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