Make Music Monday [Excited-ole!]

Good Day, Good Evening, Good Morning!

We're back to our regularly scheduled program. And I am ever soo happy about that. Getting off track just bothers me to no end! But I digress.
This weeks song is pleasant - just take a listen :

Is it true.. do I really want a True Gentlemen? Why of course I do, but he has to be a little weird too or else he just won't get me I'm sure. This breed of man is super rare to come by in my Jemidex he's probably #323 or something super hard to find..oh and here I go talking all nerdy Pokemon which I'm sure no-one understands except me and my brother-and well 13year old children but oh well.

Jemibook has been getting around in Jacksonville lately.. in the not-trying-to-get-aids-way though.. Passing out some flyer's and posting them at some local spots in Jacksonville... so if you see a little rainbow flyer's like the ones below you should grab it up because it's super special and hand-colored by yours truly, it'll be a collector's item I'm sure.

So yes-who else is excited about Saturday? Just me.. well that's ok.. I think I'm just a bit nervous only because I"m thinking of the last time that all eyes were on me when I had to perform something when I was back in the 7th grade I believe.. My piano recital and I messed up I was soo nervous. Thankfully I'm a bit more confident than my mousey-self then, but still that's all I have to go on and well I don't like that so it makes me a little bit nervous. I think that the only part that will be nerve-racking will be the starting off part, I had to switch songs around because I knew that I would mess up or giggle too much or something. Which I don't do at all when I'm street-performing but those people are just walking by, except for the little kids who always sit and watch me, which I think is cute.

But things are falling into place, my ensemble is pretty much together, and the cupcakes and cd's will be finished on Friday when my lovely assistant Cara comes over to assist me and eat cupcakes. The Uke is in tip-top shape and I'm not sick so I think we're in for a good time, I just hope it doesn't rain because soggy cupcakes would be no good-although I would still play in the rain-maybe I should get a raincoat for my uke?

Ok I'm rambling. Music-music-Music..make music it's monday

Much Love,


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