Make Today Your Day.

Soooo.. It's Tuesday.
And What I originally wanted to post yesterday for Make Music Monday finally uploaded.
It's a little video I put together planned for two weeks ago. But oh well.

The song I'm singing in the video is a Bob Dylan Song called "You Ain't Going Nowhere". It randomly fell upon me via the internet, I had never actually heard the song before and decided to just sing it the way I thought it would go in my head. All the Footage is stuff I've taken over the past few years, some of it even includes my Little baby brother way back in 2003 he's now 4 years old.. insanity.

So what else has Jemibook been working on?! Wellll My show is coming up, Two Weeks now! and I've been working feverishly on practicing my songs, and putting together cd's and such.

[For more up-close pictures check out my flickr]

I finally came up with my Logo and it's PERFECT, exactly what I had been envisioning in my head for months, I had a practice run @ the park the other day with my lovely friend Cara and I managed to hold most of my giggles down, but it was probably more funny to me because it seemed I was serenading Cara in the park, but some children's sat nearby and listened too.

OOOH ooh, I almost forgot to mention. I recently adopted a baby Boy into my life via Cara's womb.

His name is Jaba, and he's growing up so big, He gets a lot of mail from his friends, and is a really great cloud jumper. One day he's going to serenade Cara's baby-girl and they are going to make sweet-sweet tamagotchi lovin' together. We also Made Tamagotchi Bling to hang them from our lapels and such when we are out, Mine is very communist-ie, Cara's was very cute with a Party cat on it, hopefully she'll post pictures because they are great.

Another thing, I'm having a faux-wedding this Sunday @ the Park with my Lover-Shawn, I'm working on my veil and such still, we will be taking pictures and exchanging vows and such, I can't wait it'll be such fun, fake weddings complete with cake and bloody food fights are meant for all.

And well.. that's all for now. because I must get back to work and such.

Much Love,


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